Skirting the Issue Finale: Mom Style Files #MSFILES


March is definitely going out like a lion, and I am SO ready for spring. This month’s skirt challenge has been a great way to add a little spring into my step, even with this never-ending winter.

I hope you feel the same way. Between My Top 5 Skirt Wearing Tips and Peyton Price’s skirt haikus and advice, you should be well on your way to to bare those legs come springtime.

Now let’s check in with our challenger Rosie and see how she did this month.

The skirt challenge went as well as I hoped. I did wear one at least three times a week but found myself scrambling to wash them the night before. Maybe I need to start a laundry challenge for April. 

My favorite skirt is my pink and yellow skirt from Old Navy. It’s fun and flirty and can be easily paired with a cute top. The best thing I love about this skirt is that it fits four months postpartum. It’s a VERY forgiving skirt. 

Skirt Challenge MSFILES

I haven’t been very good at accessorizing since having kids. My oldest steals my bracelets to play with. Any necklaces, long or short, get lost in my large chest. Forget about earrings… I don’t like having them ripped out of my ears just for giggles.

A little piece of advice to anyone wanting to wear skirts more often; move to a warmer climate. There were many times that we would go out in 12 degree weather and the skin on my legs wanted to migrate south for the winter. Oh, and make sure that your laundry is done in time to wear clothes in the morning. This last month was filled with washing clothes and forgetting to put the load in the dryer. 

In the land of two little boys and a husband, it felt great to be girly again. 

Rosie Skirts MSFILES

Once the weather starts warming up again I will be sure to make it a point to wear skirts or even shorts (GASP)!

Thank you so much Brook and Melissa for giving me the chance to challenge myself this month. It was fun!

Rosie wasn’t the only one to participate in our skirt challenge. Melody Mae shared some of her skirt photos with us on Instagram.

Melody Mae Skirt 1


Melody Tennis Shoes

I personally love the tennis shoes, it really makes a skirt more comfortable and fun instead of so formal. I’m all about comfort.

Thank you so much ladies for participating!

Hopefully spring will make an appearance so we can ditch the tights and break out the sandals.

Next month we will be featuring a new mission, and it’s going to help you bloom this spring.

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