Educate Your Vote

This post is part of my partnership with the US Cellular Blogger Brigade Ambassador Program. Does your child have a cell phone? Make sure you download the Parent-Child Agreement.   I live in Iowa. {in case you didn’t know} We are a swing state. There are signs in every other yard. Political commercials stream our TV screens. Candidates visit our state on a frequent basis. {which is pretty cool}. In February, I joined the masses and caucused for the first time. Traffic … [Read more...]

The Number No Parent Wants to Dial

“Hey, Grant,” I yell as we tromp into the house, sweaty and thirsty from our walk.   Whose bright idea was it to go walking on a 90-degree day in 90% humidity? Oh, yeah I’ll blame Pokemon Go! for that one. Even though it felt like we were walking on the surface of the sun it was nice to break free from the confines of home.   “I’m going to take a bath,” E yells as he scrambles up the stairs.   “GRANT!” I yell again.   “He’s not here,” yells my … [Read more...]

The Badges of Summer

Gazing at my arm I watch a tiny sweat bee land and proceed to wiggle his yellow and black striped hiney like Miley Cyrus in a twerking contest. Giggling at his antics, I feel the breeze wash over me providing some relief to my sweat soaked skin. The bee, unfazed by the wisp of wind, continues twerking. Sashaying across my arm without a care in the world, I move my arm slightly in response. He remains. I shift more in my seat and lift my arm in the air. That’s the final straw for this … [Read more...]


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