Flower Power Mission Accomplished: Mom Style Files {#MSFILES}

Floral Mom Style MSFILES

Happy Back to Work Day!

Hopefully you were able to fire up the grill and spend some time relaxing with family during the long weekend. We’ve been arguing with rain here, and unfortunately the rain is winning, but it didn’t stop me from tackling some of our Three Flower Power Missions.

Three Flower Power Missions

As I wandered {child-free} through the mall on Saturday I popped into my local LOFT store and picked up a pair of floral shorts for only $25, and {drumroll please} a striped shirt to go with it.


Thanks to the lovely sales ladies {who both said stripes go with floral} I was able to let go of my OCD and pair a striped tank with my new shorts.

LOFT Floral Shorts with Striped Tank

Ok, so maybe it’s the “safe girl’s” version of stripes, but it’s still stripes. Ironically, it wasn’t so much the stripes that were the issue, it was the white / off-white issues. All their striped tops were white with another color and the shorts were cream. Hence, the black on black compromise. Plus this tank is versatile and comfy.


The shorts are linen and uber comfy as well. I’m all about comfort when it’s steamy out that’s for sure.

Although, with all this rainy and cold weather it may be a while before I can wear my new outfit.

So, how did you do on our THREE Missions? Were you brave enough to wear floral and stripes?

What’s in store for next month?

Well, it does involve yoga pants, in a good way. If you are a fit fashionista, we’d love to interview you for June.

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