Mom Style Files: An Interview with Suburban Haiku #MSFILES


So, ladies how are we doing on our skirt challenge?


I’ve seen some of your photos on Instagram and you all look so cute sporting your skirts. There’s still time to participate. Make sure you snap a photo and tag it with #MSFILES, and I will feature them along with our challenger Rosie.


Now it’s time to meet a gal who loves a good skirt and good haiku, the famous Petyon Price from Suburban Haiku.


Ladies First 9x12 final


Name: Peyton Price

Age: 44

Hometown: Washington, DC suburbs

What You Do:  Mom, wife, author of Suburban Haiku (not necessarily in that order)

Blog: No blog, but you can track me down at

Style ID: age-appropriate trendy


Describe your style in one word:


When did you fall in love with skirts?
After I turned 40, I was not a big fan of what was happening tone-wise between the waist and the knees. (Not THERE! I do my Kegels.) After a particularly traumatizing day trying on pants, I realized something had to change. I could start exercising, or stop wearing pants. I voted for the second one.


What is you favorite skirt?
Each one is special to me in its own way.


How do you accessorize your skirt?
I try to wear a cute-but-practical shoe and enough jewelry so that people don’t think I’m wearing a skirt for religious reasons (not that there’s anything wrong with that—just not the look I’m going for).


Favorite time of year to wear a skirt?
Year-round. In the winter, I wear skirts with tights or leggings, tall boots, and a long coat. Now that it’s spring, I’m switching out the black and gray tights for colors, and going with a rain boot when the weather calls for it.


MSFILES Suburban Haiku


How often do you sport a skirt?
If you count dresses, almost every day. I have two pair of jeans in my wardrobe, no other pants, and despite the fact that it’s hot as blazes here, no shorts. Ever.


Many of our readers are nervous about trying out skirts, what advice would you give them?
If you have littles or an active lifestyle, consider trying a skort first. Here I am dressed for a day of mom business, maybe some gardening. This is a skort, and those cute little wedges are Crocs—totally hoseable. No lie.


skort MSFILES Suburban Haiku


Tights or leggings are another option if you are nervous about test driving a skirt. I like this skirt, but it’s a little too short for my comfort. With a legging, I’m looking sporty, which is good, because I spend a lot of time on the Little League sidelines. Seriously, a lot.


legging MSFILES Suburban Haiku


If you like your top half better than your bottom half (who doesn’t?), consider a longer or more voluminous skirt with a more form fitting top. I was going to make a joke here about showing a little ankle, but I actually hate how my ankle looks, so forget it.  Anyway, this is a very comfortable look that could be glitzed up for girls night out or date night.

long skirt MSFILES Suburban Haiku


Photo credits: 12 year old son

Moral of the story:

There’s a skirt out there for everyone. When shopping, consider what suits your figure and your lifestyle. My butt looked great in that stretch denim pencil skirt, but I couldn’t climb into my SUV. And a haiku word of warning:

Don’t wear a short skirt

to sit in a tiny chair

on school conference day.


Favorite places to buy skirts:
I’ve had some luck at Old Navy, Boden, and Garnet Hill for trendy skirts. For more practical choices, try Lands End, LL Bean, and outdoor/sporting stores.


My personal style idol is…
still looking for one.


When buying a skirt I look for…
My prime directive is to hide tummy bulge, so I’m always looking for a skirt with a wide flat waistband, preferably at natural waist (while I still have one). I love a skirt with a lining—nobody wears a slip any more (although some people should—see next question).


Pantyhose or no Pantyhose?
Never pantyhose. But can we talk about what lies beneath? Panty lines and jiggle can happen with skirts, too. If you’re tempted to wear a clingy jersey skirt this summer, you don’t have to go full Spanx, but consider a light control boyshort for a smoother look, unless your jiggle is the shizzle.

In the winter, tights will do the trick. Do look for a comfort waistband so you don’t end up ripping them in your car off after lunch. (Hint: DKNY)


Favorite skirt shape {pencil, a-line, etc.}:
The only shape I’m not a big fan of is asymmetric:

Wardrobe malfunction?

With those asymmetric skirts

it’s so hard to tell.


Short skirts or long?
This depends. Did you shave your legs?


And a skirt Haiku to end it 

Have a tummy bulge?

Cellulite? Sagging behind?

Just skirt the issues!

Thanks so much Peyton! I may not be able to write a haiku, but I have some great tips for wearing my skirts. And I truly love the haiku about the short skirt on conference day…and I think I actually did that one. Oye!

I’m off to buy more skirts, so have a great week and don’t forget about the challenge.

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