A {Great Day} Sound Bytes of the Week

A Great Day SBOW 4-18-14


A Great Day SBOW 2-18-14


When I saw this sunrise I knew it was going to be a good day. I’ve been slacking on my Friday Sound Bytes duties lately, and I’m not exactly sure why.


I did a small poll of the five people that read my Facebook Fan page, and found that some people think they are funny and like them so I guess I’ll just keep plugging away.


My friend Karin at In Bloom does Insta-Bytes {which I may copy instead, if it’s ok with her} so I can  just include a photo or two of our escapades instead of trying to remember everything my kids say.


Don’t get me wrong I’ve been listening it’s just Little Red talks A LOT and during all his waking hours. Yesterday we went on a bike ride for 20 minutes and he talked the entire time…I’m not sure where he gets that from {looking at floor right now}. It’s hard to document every. Single. Word.


Anyway, all I can say after celebrating Big E’s big birthday, and witnessing weird stuff last weekend I’m just going to chill this weekend. Soak in the more seasonable weather and nosh on good food with my family.


A Great Day SBOW 4-18-14


Yes today is a good GREAT day.


It gets even better with some Sound Bytes … trust me really.


3. “It’s gooder.”
Yep, my son is the spawn of an English major…so proud.


2. “Oh Pop News. I love Pop News.”
Every morning on GMA they have Pop News, most of the time it’s about Princess Kate, but once in a while they will show a cat video and that’s BigE’s favorite.


1. “I’m not Batman. I’m Bruce Wayne.”
He may not be able to read and write, but Little Red definitely knows his comic book mythology.


A Great Day SBOW 4-18-14


Well back to work, but looking forward to my GREAT weekend.


Have a Hoppy Easter, and may your hearts and baskets be full.



In case you missed it, I’ll catch you up on the past couple weeks.



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and I mooned a bunch of people in the airport

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