My One Word: Harmony

This year on a sunny fall day, it was abruptly brought to my attention that my priorities were out of wack and the people I cared about were feeling neglected and unloved.


Deep down I knew it was true, but I was growing, and stretching toward the sun felt so good. It became an addiction. I thought that if I didn’t keep blooming life might just pass me by.


However the sun was so blinding I ignored everything else, and like a plant in a drought, the rain of love and comfort never fed my roots.


I wanted to have it all, but I was risking losing everything.


In November, as I sat in another blog conference, I met Heather King {aka Heather of the EO} and I she said, “We couldn’t have it all, and we didn’t NEED to have it all.” I let out an exhale and at that moment I knew, something had to change.


See life isn’t about finding balance; it’s about finding the HARMONY in the chaos.


And that my friends is this year’s ONE WORD



Harmony Alphabet Photography

Artwork by Alphabet Photography


For a split second I debated the word balance. But…


Let’s be honest maintaining balance tricky.


It’s hard to equalize the scales of life, one minute work will be going well and at the same time your home life is a raging chaos or vice versa. It’s like walking a tight rope every day and personally I don’t need the added pressure.


So, HARMONY it is.

1: The combination of simultaneously sounded musical notes to produce chords and chord progressions with a pleasing effect.
2: A pleasing arrangement of parts.


This year, as my life becomes a crazy mix of musical notes that resembles speed metal, cheesy pop music with a little country thrown in I’ll stop and take a moment and really listen.


If I listen well enough I’ll find the song amidst the chaos.



Easton Family 2012


18 thoughts on “My One Word: Harmony

  1. I love this! I didn’t pick a word this year, thought I suppose its not too late, but I did resolve to try to make my life more balanced. But I really appreciate the idea and definition of harmony. I will keep that in mind as I try to find that happy medium in my life in 2013. Thank you for sharing!
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