Scenes: My One…er…Two Words for 2015

The middle of January is long gone, and I can’t believe it.


Time just flies, doesn’t it?


My posting has been hit or miss lately. Between the new job and my health issues life has become busier than usual, but not too busy to work through Susannah Conway’s Unraveling the Year Ahead, and choosing my One Word.


I love picking just One Word for so many reasons. The most important being “no pressure”. For years lists of resolutions would be the monkey on my back all year, and it would weigh on me. In the end I would accomplish nothing.


This is year number four, for my One Word.


Choosing a word can be simple and complicated all at the same time.


For a few of my words, the decision was quick and easy – Grow and Harmony.


Harmony Alphabet Photography


Intentional, last year’s word posed a challenge, and while a complicated decision the word itself led me through an interesting year.

Intentional One Word 2014

Now I’ve arrived at year number four.


Complications have arose within the last year. Concerning mainly my health, between the antidepressants and the crazy rash, my body and mind have been in an unhealthy state.


It was time to Heal myself, but how, and will I be strong enough to do what it takes?


That’s when another word presented itself – Brave.


Could I really have TWO words as my One Word?


They seemed to fit together like yin and yang or peanut butter and chocolate. I tried to focus on just one, but always, always, always came back to the two.


I asked some close friends “is it greedy to have two words for the year?”


Their response was an overwhelming “No, of course not.”


Choosing my One Word is such a personal experience, if two words are speaking to me there must be a reason.


And so I went with it.




Hello 2015, I’m ready.


Girls Night in



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