Scenes: My One Word for 2014 {#OneWord365}

2012 – GROW

Each day I had to stretch for the sun, and with each stretch I felt heartache, fear and confusion. My family sometimes felt the same. For as the flower blooms and changes it can be hard to comprehend. To them the flower must remain the same, but the reality is that each bloom, each leaf and each moment in time is different. Nothing can remain unchanged, especially if it’s still growing.


2013 – HARMONY

Let’s be honest maintaining balance tricky.

It’s hard to equalize the scales of life, one minute work will be going well and at the same time your home life is a raging chaos or vice versa. It’s like walking a tight rope every day and personally I don’t need the added pressure.


GROW and HARMONY words that defined years gone by.


Years filled with joy, new experiences, heartache, fear, giggles and {my favorite} nose doinks.


While both words had their place, they had their faults.


When you grow too big too quickly you become a tangled mess, and when you seek to find Harmony sometimes you just end up on a bad note.


Harmony Alphabet Photography


In the name of 2013’s One Word, Harmony, I let things go – tried to create a nice rhythm between work, home and my passions. While I did let laundry, work tasks and writing slide. The guilt and emptiness grew. As each item fell from my To Do list uncompleted the music that sang in my heart became harder and harder to hear. Eventually, I could no longer hear its beat.


Eventually everything became silent my writing, my workouts, my interaction with my family.


I just gave up, because with each sacrifice I made the notes fell off the page and I was left empty.


My heart’s song wasn’t in Harmony with the rest of my life.


Something was missing.


“What’s wrong,” I yelled to the heavens.


Then it happened. Call it a voice, a feeling, a nudge in the right direction, but I finally understood.


My heart’s song was missing a very important note.


A person can’t grow or find harmony unless they live life INTENTIONALLY.


As I experience life’s journey, I’m bombarded by choices each and every day. I have a tendency to “do it all” hiding under the guise of growing or telling friends and family “I’m fine” when really I’m a redheaded stress ball.


I’m so scared I’ll miss out on something.


What I don’t realize is that I’m missing out on the awesomeness staring me right in the face.


Eventually saying yes took its toll and I was filled with stress, guilt, anger and yuckiness. The life was sucked right out of me, nothing had meaning anymore.


I heard over and over again how my friends and family were Living Intentionally. Basically, they were weighing every decision and living their life according to their values and beliefs.


That was my problem.


I had no road map.


Living Intentionally, provides a guide for how you want to live your life. Someone once told me to “Live the life you value.” This is the message behind Intentionally Living.


Looking back on it I realize I did it all backwards. I should have created my plan first then found Harmony, then bloomed. However, since I can’t go back in time, I must start again.


This time with a plan – a plan to make every single moment INTENTIONAL.


Intentional One Word 2014

My One Word, captured by artist Michelle Pendergrass. Want one for yourself? Click here.


No longer will I say yes for the sake of saying yes.

No longer will I make choices out of guilt.

No longer will I remain silent.

No longer will I live in a world with reckless abandon.


I WILL live a life where every moment is INTENTIONAL.


What life will you live in 2014?


Do you have One Word that will guide you on your journey?

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